Walker Tuner

Piano technician serving Madison, WI and central Iowa


My name is Walker Pett and I have been working on pianos since 2011. I believe strongly in the value of pianos as a fundamental resource for artistic expression, music education and community-building. As an active musician, it is very important to me that every piano plays and sounds its best. Feel free to get in touch about setting up an appointment!


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I serve pianos primarily in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

I ask $88 for a normal appointment (a dollar a key!), which includes a tuning, pitch raise (if required), and any other minor repairs/adjustments that may be needed to bring the piano into fully playable condition (up to 3 hours).

I also occasionally commute to Ames, Iowa for work at Iowa State University, and so I am also sometimes available to work on pianos in central Iowa if they are booked sufficiently far in advance. If I am unavailable in central Iowa, please contact my friend and mentor, Tom Russell RPT.